Applegate Lake
17 miles easy total climbing 1000 feet
Topo maps: Squaw lakes, Carberry creel
Trail type: Single Track, some pavement
Estimated riding time: 2-3 hours
Directions to start: HWY 238 to Ruch. Follow signs to Applegate lake. Park at parking lot next to Dam

Description of ride: You start the ride on the road that goes over the dam. Follow it for about 1 mile to a parking area and the trailhead for the single track. Follow the single track around the lake. It is hard to get lost on this trail except at the stream crossing that was washed out. Here you have to hike over a small hill to get back to the main trail. The single track eventually ends at a gravel road that you follow out to the paved road. At the paved road go right and then take a right at the first road. Go up this hill and past the top there is a parking lot and from here the single track takes off again. This single track eventually makes it way back to the parking lot where you started.

Highlights: Great in the spring or early summer when the lake is full. In the fall the lake is drained to a puddle and is not as picturesque. On a hot summer day take a swim suit and go for a jump in the lake!