Limpy Creek
20 miles moderately difficult total climbing 4000 feet
Topo maps: Onion Mt., Wilderville
Trail type: 4 wheel drive/ single track
Estimated riding time: 3 hours
Directions to start: From Grants Pass drive out HWY 199 to Riverbanks road. Turn right on Riverbanks and go a few miles to Marcy loop and turn left. Follow Marcy loop to a T intersection and park.

Description of ride: At the T intersection take a right and follow Marcy Loop until it ends at Riverbanks. Turn left and follow the road to the turn off for Limpy Creek Road. Turn left up the hill and follow the road until it turns to gravel. Climb up this road 6 miles to an elevation of 3280 feet. At the top of the road there is a split in the road. Take the road to the left and follow it as it hems and haws along the ridge and then starts to drop down a forest service road toward Waters Creek. At about 13 miles into the ride you come to an intersection where you take a sharp left. There are a few intersections that come up before this one so if you are unfamiliar with the route take a good topo map. After the left turn the road starts to climb about 500 feet over 1 mile ( a little insult on top of injury). At the top of the climb there is an intersection of roads. Take the road to the left and in another 200 or so feet you come to a road that drops off to the right. DO NOT TAKE this. Stay on the road to the left and follow what looks like a de-commissioned road for about a mile down hill where the road appears to dead end. There is actually a single track that takes off from this point. It connects with another road in about ¼ mile. Follow this road for about a mile and keep an eye out for a small segment of single track on the right that connects to another road. If you miss this single track you will come to a road junction in about ½ mile and go right. If you find the single track follow it down to the other road and go right on the road. Follow this road until it ends at a logging cut. Follow the new rough road into the cut until it ends. At the end of the road you will need to find a single track that starts out of the rubble that is left from the cut. This single track basically runs along a ridge where it drops down a steep overgrown area to a de-commissioned road. Follow this road down the hill until it runs into a gate. At the gate go around it and follow the dirt road back about 2 miles to where you parked.

Highlights: Great views of the Rogue Valley all the way to Mt. McLoughlin on a clear day.

Advice: There are some tricky turns making it easy to get lost if you are unfamiliar with this route. Take a good map or somebody that knows the area with you.