Shan Creek
18 miles moderately difficult total climbing 3500 feet
Topo maps: Onion Mt
Trail type: Dirt road and single track
Estimated riding time: 3 hours
Directions to start: From Grants Pass Take HWY 199 to Riverbanks road. Right to Shan Creek Road.

Description of ride: The ride starts going up Shan Creek Road. The road is paved the first ½ mile then turns to dirt/gravel. Climb up this road for about 9 miles to the top at a T intersection (3900 feet). Go right to the junction of Onion Mountain road. Just before the road to the lookout there is a road that dives off to the right. Take this road and follow it down then up a short but steep hill. At the top of the hill there is a gravel pit and a split in the road. Follow the road to the right. This road goes up slightly then starts down hill. At the base of the down hill area their is a single track that is poorly marked that goes off to the right. This is the Shan Creek trail. Follow this trail down to Shan Creek. This trail is steep narrow and technical and has lots of poison oak. After crossing the creek it is a short jaunt up hill back to the Shan Creek road and Back down to your car.

Highlights: Nice Technical stretch of single track. Lots of climbing

Advice: Take a good map. The single track is very technical and loaded with poison oak.